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SCMSO exists to promote the Supply Chain Management major and to inform students about the career opportunities in the field.

It serves as the premier platform for Supply Chain Management majors and minors to network with one another, learn about the industry, and interact with supply chain professionals from the corporate world.


SCMSO Contact Information:

Facebook: Supply Chain Management Student Organization 


McCombs Undergraduate Supply Chain Case Competition

February 9-17, 2017

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This case competition provides McCombs undergraduate students with the opportunity to tackle a real-world supply chain case, and challenge them to invent a creative solution.

Supply chain cases are highly complex, and students of all business disciplines can greatly benefit from exposure to one. The demand for professionals with a functional understanding of supply chain is growing rapidly. During this case competition, McCombs students will gain valuable experience addressing supply chain issues in a professional setting.

The Supply Chain Management Student Organization is proud to partner with the Supply Chain Management Center of Excellence to extend the Texas Supply Chain experience beyond the classroom.

Case Sponsor

Challenge Sponsors
Chevron, Dell, P&G, Phillips 66, Toyota, Union Pacific

Cash prizes
1st Place: $1,600
2nd Place: $1,000
3rd Place: $600

Team Composition
All teams must consist of four McCombs undergraduate business students – seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshman are eligible. Maximum one freshman per team. All business majors welcome, at least one member of the team must be a declared Supply Chain Management major. At least one team member must have completed OM 335. Students will self-select their teams.

Competition Schedule

A maximum of 12 teams will compete. If more than 12 teams register online, a waitlist will be created and ordered according to the time stamp on the online registration form.

Team registration will be confirmed upon completion of Steps 1, 2, and 3.

Confirmation will be provided to all team members via email from Without confirmation, a team is not registered to compete.

If the deposit and/or resumes are not received by the established deadlines, the team’s online registration will be forfeit. If there is a waitlist, the competition spot will go to the next team that completed Steps 1, 2, and 3.

Each team must provide a $40 deposit to SCMSO. Deposits may be paid via Venmo, cash, or check. Contact Chaitanya Tambi,,for payment instructions.  

Deposits will be accepted beginning Monday, 1/30, and due by the end of the SCMSO Meeting on Wednesday, 2/8. Deposits will be returned during lunch on Friday, 2/17.

If a team has a confirmed registration and is disqualified, the team’s deposit will be forfeit.

Attendance Requirement

·       At least two members of each team must attend the case release on 2/9, 6:00-6:30 pm.

·       At least two members of each team must attend the welcome dinner on 2/16, 6:00-7:30 pm.

·       All team members must check in and attend the competition breakfast on 2/17, 8:00-8:30 am.

·       All team members must present to the judges during the first round (and Final round, if applicable).


Failure to meet the attendance requirement will result in the team’s disqualification.


Competition Rules

·       Once the case is released, students may not consult with any non-team member during the team’s preparation, or on competition day until the conclusion of the first round.

·       Teams are permitted to utilize any written resource, scholarly publication, internet, industry journals, academic textbooks, etc.  Teams are expressly prohibited from discussing the case or accepting assistance from any person outside their team.

EXCEPTION – All participants have the opportunity to consult with the case sponsor via teleconference on 2/13.

·       Presentations are due at check-in for the Welcome Dinner. Presentations must be a pptx file submitted on a USB flash drive. The flash drive will be returned during lunch on 2/17.

·       Flight composition and presentation order will be based on a random draw. All team members must participate in the presentation. If any team member has a class conflict during a presentation block, it must be reported to event organizers no later than check-in at the Welcome Dinner.

·       First Round (AM 2/17) – Teams are split into three flights. A panel of judges in each flight will select one team to proceed to the finals. First round is closed to spectators.

·       Final Round (PM 2/17) – Three teams will present to a panel of judges. Final round is open to spectators. No questions or comments are allowed from anyone but the judges.

·       All team members are required to present roughly equivalent portions of the presentation.

·       Each team will have 12 minutes to present, 8 minutes for judges’ questions. Timekeepers will be present to give 5 and 1 minute warnings.

·       Judges are provided a rubric for evaluating the presentations.  However, judges are professionals in the field and may use the evaluation criteria as they see fit.  Decisions by the judges will be final. 

·       Handouts to judges – Teams will provide hard copies of the presentation materials to the judges at the beginning of their first round presentation (one copy for each judge). The number of judges will be provided. Copies for the final round will be provided. 



Q&A session – classroom attire; Welcome dinner – business casual; Competition day – business professional