SCMSO at UT Austin

"What starts here makes the world more efficient."

SCMSO exists to promote the Supply Chain Management major and to inform students about the career opportunities in the field.

It serves as the premier platform for Supply Chain Management majors and minors to network with one another, learn about the industry, and interact with supply chain professionals from the corporate world.


SCMSO Contact Information:

Facebook: Supply Chain Management Student Organization 


Member Spotlight

Starting this semester, SCMSO is honoring it's members with member spotlights. Our first featured member is Dominique Vyborny, a senior Supply Chain Management major who is also pursuing a Bridging Disciplines Program Certificate in Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship.  She agreed to answer a few questions for us, take a look here: 


SCMSO: Why did you choose supply chain?

DV: When I was accepted into the McCombs School of Business I didn’t know what supply chain management was or what went into the major. During my first semester, I learned more about it—the international focus, the incorporation of both relationship building skills and a love for statistics, and also the important role that supply chain employees can have on supporting the ethical missions of socially conscious businesses—and I realized that supply chain management would be a great fit for my abilities, values, and interests. In my previous career as a welder, I had managed several projects, and much of what I learned in those experiences gave me a great foundation for what I’m currently learning in SCM.

SCMSO: What’s been the most beneficial part of SCMSO for you?

DV: Attending the weekly SCMSO meetings! It has provided some really valuable opportunities to learn more about the day-to-day realities of supply chain in a business setting, ask questions directly to the company representatives who come to speak at our weekly meetings, and see the subtle differences in how different companies approach the management of their supply chain.  

SCMSO: What inspires you?

DV: I love hearing stories about a CEO of a company who is known for treating everyone the same way—with respect, dignity, and camaraderie—whether they be a shareholder or a maintenance technician. It incorporates a universal truth that I’ve been really inspired by lately: that no matter what we choose to do with our time, we’re all human, and we all have value in what we can contribute to the world.